DUSA European Association Suzhou is a private, non-profit association


Founded in 2002 by German Companies in Suzhou

         DUSA = “Deutsche Unternehmen Suzhou Association”


In 2007, many non-German members joined

        renamed ourselves to “DUSA European Association Suzhou”


In 2022, DUSA celebrated the 20th Anniversary.



The Vision, Mission and Value Proposition of DUSA


We help members in a very dynamic environment in and around Suzhou



• Provide Information and Competence by organizing events

• Proactively link members enabling Collaboration and Pooling and provide related information

• Organize events for both Business and Social Networking


Value Proposition: 

• Access to information, training and networks at reasonable costs

• First-hand key information enabling success in China

• Initiatives covering all key areas for business strategy in manufacturing

• Enjoyable atmosphere for networking


DUSA Values

DUSA Values


DUSA Strategies

DUSA Strategies