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•Football Tournament 2020

The 2020 DUSA-Decathlon Football Tournament was successfully held on November 14th at Suzhou Olympic Center. From 8am to 6pm, the brillant 10 hours event consisted of more than 220 players from 16 teams. Around 100 Supporters and spectators alike felt like they were one big family in Suzhou.


The 16 teams  involved: ruhlamat , DecathlonVaBWPelliconiGotecWIKAOndalPULSCAREL NorautronCandyHooverSHWMciPonziniNECSE and delaware. 14 of which are DUSA members, battled for dominance in the tournament. At the end of a day of friendly, but intense competition, Pelliconi triumphed, winning the championship. Decathlon finished as runner-up in the tournament with NECSE taking third place. While there could only be one winner, all the teams performed well and attendees had a fantastic day sharing in the “beautiful game” as it is known the world over.

                               Click https://dusaeu.glueup.cn/event/dusa-decathlon-football-tournament-2020-ends-perfectly-29466/for more details.

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20 years Anniversary of Key-Tec China


KeyTec China is an wholly foreign invested company of KeyTec Holland and was built up in year 1999 in SND  and went into operation in year 2000. New building was built up in year 2001 and went into operation in year 2002. this year is KeyTec China's 20 years anniversary and KeyTec has grown up with the whole team together.

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