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•Oktoberfest 2019

A big thank you to our Dear Sponsors, Members, and Guests of DUSA Oktoberfest 2019. We had 4 days of great fun!


We also would like to thank our partner Kempinski Hotel Suzhou and Bavaria Partyband for continuing to support DUSA Oktoberfest!


We are proud to share with you that DUSA Oktoberfest 2019 hosted over 2,300 guests in 4 evenings and 3,300 liters of Paulaner beer were consumed, an 18.85% and 32.53% increase respectively compared with 2018.

                                                                                                             Click https://dusaeu.eventbank.cn/event/a-big-thank-you-23797/ for more details.

•AGM 2019

At the 16th DUSA Annual General Meeting that was held at Hyatt Hotel Suzhou on April 2, 2019, members of DUSA European Association Suzhou elected the new Board of Directors and voted to pass AOA amendments.

Details avaiable at: https://dusaeu.eventbank.cn/event/updates-from-dusa-2019-annual-general-meeting-21479/

•News from Our Members

10th Anniversary Celebration of SDT


April 19th, 2019 | Suzhou, China

SDT Celebrated 10th Anniversary


More details at: https://dusaeu.eventbank.cn/event/ibss-career-day-and-news-from-sdt-21857/

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